Our Founder: Born and raised a country boy, Rick Mohr was drawn to all things mechanical from the time he could walk. Clocks, lawn mowers, bicycles, and anything else that clicked, whirred, buzzed or thumped was subject to his ministrations; fixing, modifying, polishing or painting.

By high school these inherent mechanical talents were just naturally focused on cars! By the time he was 17 he had built the chassis for his first hand built car. Through a natural progression of hard work and good fortune (Rick says "The harder I work, the luckier I am!"), working in a wide variety of venues, on an even wider variety of projects provided the years of experience that resulted in the establishment of Pacific Jetting.

As soon as Rick experienced his first factory, (a Campbell's Soup canning plant) he knew he had found his calling. All of the interrelated mechanical functions of a mill, a processing plant, or a power plant made instant sense to Rick, in the same way a mathematician sees symmetry and grace in a chalkboard covered with indecipherable symbols. This revelation started a process that goes on today.

These days Rick uses a classic Cessna 195 airplane to travel the country as an industrial consultant, a hired gun if you will, bringing fresh thought, insights and solutions to our customers in many different fields. From down hole mines to aerospace operations, Rick's solutions have been proven time and again as elegantly simple, and immensely cost effective.

And in his spare time, he's still building, restoring, and upgrading cars and airplanes. Some things never change.