Repairing Your WaterJet System

Once again, Pacific Jetting (PJ) provides a level of customer service that is unique in the waterjetting industry.

Have you seen a gradual deterioration in the effectiveness of your waterjet system? Don't feel bad, as that's common in older installations. It's not unusual for systems to develop a small number of problems, none of which will be serious enough to shut the system down, nor to wave a flag notifying you of their partially defective status. But in combination, their negative effects can be dramatic.

A survey of your existing waterjet operation by PJ will reveal faulty and/or improper components and application/maintenance techniques which can prevent your system from operating in a safe, efficient, and effective manner.

Case In Point

An Arizona company that produces small rocket motors for various military purposes had heard good things about Pacific Jetting from their sister company and industry peers. They called and asked us to look over their waterjet system which was used for cutting solid rocket propellant out of various small motors.

Within two hours of our arrival we spotted five simple things going just slightly wrong. We provided a written report, which when acted upon resulted in a 300% increase in thru-put! Plus, the operators were happy to note that the work was much easier to accomplish!

All of this was accomplished with a total cost to the customer of about $1500.

How's that for an excellent dollar value and return on investment?

How it happens: A maintenance survey requires a thorough on-site inspection and observation of the system in operation. This will require anywhere from one- to several hours on-site. We then provide a comprehensive written report listing worn, defective and improper/unsafe components.

We can also train your maintenance personnel so that they can keep the system in top running condition.

What's it cost? We charge a very reasonable hourly rate while our technician is in your plant, plus a small standby rate while they're traveling. Additionally, you'll cover our actual travel expenses. That's it.

Contact us to schedule an on-site inspection today. You may be shocked at just how far your system effectiveness has slipped, and how easily it can be restored.

As with our Waterjet Assessment service, our goal is to bring your system up to standards consistent with PJIs' WaterJet System Goals.