Waterjetting is very efficient because it is highly destructive.
Making sure that destructive energy is applied solely to your task: that is our only job.


The most common cause of waterjet accidents are:

How We Improve Customers' Safety

Education: Teaching our customers the proper and safe use of waterjet technology.

Equipment: Find and eliminate improper or unsafe waterjet hardware. Provide the most efficient waterjet tools for faster operations and less risk exposure.

Our Safety Record

We are proud of the fact that for over twenty years Pacific Jetting has been actively teaching our customers how to do their jobs faster, safer, and better.

Through our on-site classes we have shown hundreds of workers how to safely and efficiently use their waterjetting systems.

We have provided custom designed mechanized waterjet equipment to many industries typically resulting in up to 300% reductions in process time, thereby reducing risk exposure and getting the job done faster.

It is our hope and our belief that these efforts over the years have substantially reduced the number of waterjet accidents that might have occurred.

Yes, that makes us proud.