Recognizing that our systems must work under difficult field conditions, one of our primary design concepts is to keep them as simple, and as easily field-serviceable as possible. So we do not use artificial intelligence. Our systems are mechanized, not automated. We typically drive the equipment with either air or hydraulic power, making it serviceable by your employees with common tools and good mechanical skills.



Reduce downtime, and keep your systems on-line and productive with more efficient use of waterjet power.

On-Line Processing

Mechanized waterjet solutions can in some instances work while your plant works, eliminating downtime.

Reduced Personnel Risk Exposure

Your operators are the weak link in the system. They can control only so much power before they become a hazard to themselves and others.

Mechanized waterjet systems substantially reduce or in some cases eliminate the use of hand held guns and flex lances, which are known to be the least efficient methods of applying waterjet energy, with the greatest personnel risk exposure.

Innovative Custom System Design

Pacific Jetting's sole mission is to provide specifically focused, unique solutions for industrial problems in many diverse industries utilizing high pressure WaterJet systems.

After on-site review, evaluation and analysis of each customer's unique requirements and associated tasks, Pacific Jetting's designs an effective and efficient solution, provides the optimal hardware, and trains the operators to ensure an ongoing and successful process utilizing the application of high pressure WaterJet technology.

Each system is a one-off design purpose-built for a specific application. However, modular design concepts built into each solution allow for other tasks to be easily be addressed should the need arise.

System Assessment & Optimization

Pacific Jetting will perform a complete survey of your existing waterjet system and show you how to get the most out of your existing high-pressure pumps. We also inspect your existing supply of waterjet tools, and make recommendations for both safety and maximized performance and productivity.

Get Started: Fill out the WaterJet Assessment Form and email, fax or mail it to us. Giving us a complete description of your existing equipment and its application starts the process. The more information you can give us, the easier it is for us to help.

Upgrades/Retrofits/Replacement Recommendations

In some cases, mechanical improvements in your system can improve performance and have very short payout times. Where appropriate, PJI will recommend such changes and provide an economic analysis of the costs and benefits.

Better Cleaning

If you do a very thorough cleaning, it'll run longer before you have to clean it again!

Whatever you're cleaning, if you completely remove all accumulated deposits it will operate much longer before needing to be cleaned again.

It's called 'seed contamination', and it means that doing a quick partial cleaning of a heat exchanger for example, while getting you back up and running fast, guarantees you'll have to come down for maintenance again soon. That scale you didn't remove collects more scale.

What if you could remove ALL scale, in LESS time than ever before, with LESS employee risk exposure?

That is exactly what our systems do.

Mechanized waterjet cleaning systems guarantee your plant will perform better than it has since new.

A THOROUGHLY cleaned vessel stays clean longer, extending run time before maintenance is required again. Also, when truly cleaned, heat exchangers exchange more heat, and process lines flow more liquid with less differential pressure. Traditional cleaning methods are usually incapable of complete removal of accumulations. After a thorough mechanized WaterJet cleaning, your plant may well outperform original throughput.